4 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

4 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

We all know the exercises are useful for health but sometimes we don’t know where to start,  Everyone cannot spend to much time on the exercise due to busy and working life, so we have got for you the 4 Best Exercises For Weight Loss, It’s not only the guarantee for weight loss but also you can feel stronger and fit after following the weight loss exercises. in a minimum time period and your every step get you closer to your goal.


 1. Squats

Squats is a lower body exercise. It helps you to burn fat around your glutes, thighs and helps to weight loss. Squats are a very effective way of weight loss and burn more calories.


4 Best Exercises For Weight Loss




  1.  Start with your legs, lift your arms up in front of you for the balance.
  2.  Keep your back straight, do not arch your back inward and outward. your back and neck must be in one line.
  3. Push your hips back, make sure your hips and thighs must be parallel to the floor.
  4. Make sure your knees and toes must be in line.
  5. maintain your form and come up to the neutral position.




  1. Skipping rope is one of the Best Weight Loss Exercises, best cardio workout which helps to instant weight loss.
  2. It helps you to burn around 1200 to 1300 calories per hour.
  3. These workout increase your energy level and also improve your physical work capacity.
  4. Skipping workout is good for the heart patient for weight loss. It helps to improve heart rate and health.


4 Best exercise for weight loss.




  1. For the easy grip, the rope should have the handles, make sure the handles are not light and heavy.
  2. Hold the rope in each of your hand, keep the distance at least a foot between your body and forearms.
  3. Let the rope hang behind you. and make sure the middle part of the rope hit the back of your feet.
  4. Use your hand and wrists for swing the rope over your head, keep the motion limited to your wrists.


3. Mountain climbers


If you don’t have any experience and equipment for the exercise, don’t worry we don’t need it. You only need an open space where you can run on the spot. You don’t need to move from the spot. The mountain climber targets the joints and multiple muscles. Like back, legs, abs, hips, thighs, glutes, etc. The mountain climber is not only the lower body exercise but also it helps to improve heart health. It is total body exercise and the best exercise for weight loss.  




4 Best Exercises For Weight Loss



  1. Place your hands on the floor just like you want to do push-ups.
  2. You have to keep your body straight and make sure your abs pulled in.
  3. Pull your right knees towards your chest and switch quickly to the neutral position.
  4. Pull your right knees towards your chest and switch again.




You can consider the frog jump is the best home based exercise, Which can target the muscles of your body together. The frog jump is high result giving exercise, Which make your entire body strong step by step and day by day.

So basically its a form of exercise, Where you jump like a frog and create the pressure of your lower body.

If you maintain the proper form then it can be the best exercise for weight loss.


Best Exercises For Weight Loss


The frog jump exercise toned up your legs and thighs when you follow the proper motion of jump, You can be activating all power muscles. it helps to increase the whole body power. You can increase your heart rate and breath rate.

It helps for fat burning and weight loss and also helps to improve your speed and strength and it is useful for building powerful legs and thighs.




The frog jump exercises it just like a name and its a one of the Best exercise for weight loss and fat burning.

  1. Start with standing position.
  2. Go down in the squat position and jump two foot up.


If you want to fast result in your weight loss program then you have to follow the weight loss diet also which can help you to lose weight fast.