Riding the scenic hills of Toscany, only carying the bare minimums and my trusty bike.

How climate change has directly affected landscapes and livelihoods all over the world.


  1. MultiFit conceived in the UK in July 2015 with aim of evolving as a community of fitness enthusiasts that are focused on embracing and propagating the culture of fitness to one and all, has rapidly spread it’s footprint across UK, India and the UAE.The idea was born with Sally Jones training online in the UK through videos. She had always dreamt of starting her own gym, and her dream turned into a reality when she co-founded MultiFit with Samir Kapoor, PhD.Driven by its highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic trainers, numbering over 350 including over 10 International trainers and over 7 International level athletes, MultiFit stands apart from regular gyms by breaking the monotony of repetitive workouts. The workouts are made both enjoyable and effective for every individual they engage, through cross functional training, group sessions, HIIT, endurance training, and much more. Further, through its ‘iFit’ model of functional fitness, it endeavours to create the perfect balance between Mind-Body-Soul and make fitness a lifestyle choice.MultiFit has learnt from various traditional and neo fitness models such as HIIT, Yoga, MMA, Endurance Training, Dance, Calisthenics and evolved its own brand of exercise sciences based Functional Fitness model. The training methodology is a mix of both functional training and weight training used together as the best mix to help attain the client’s fitness goals. Our specially tailored classes to individual requirements and group sessions helps you build and achieve your fitness goals. We offer a complete holistic approach to fitness that targets all the different aspects of fitness like strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, agility, speed and power, and is undoubtedly, the best way to experience fitness.Appropriately termed as India’s Fastest Growing Functional Fitness Studio, 32 large-format fitness studios in 10 cities across 3 countries in a short span of just under 3 Years. By end 2019, MultiFit is targeting 100 functional fitness studios global



Our team of experienced trainers and body building experts has been trained by American Council of Exercise Certified Professionals. We educate our trainers on a regular basis to keep them updated about the latest happenings in fitness so they can in turn guide you correctly.Our trainers shall provide you with the motivation and guidance to everyone.


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